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The Jewelry Store

The Bead Store
The Jewelry Store

Beading Basics:
Bead weaving - Do Magic With A Needle, Thread And Beads
What Sort Of Beading Supplies Do You Need To Do Bead Weaving?

Beading Instructions:

Beading Instructions For Bead Weaving. An Ancient Craft Still Alive Today

Brick Stitch - So Beautiful, So Easy

Ruffled Brick Stitch Bracelet With Crystals

Three Ways To Start Brick Stitch

Cat Eye Bracelet With Sparkling Crystals

Square Stitch. The Most Hard-wearing Beading Technique Off All

Enjoy The Creation Of Beaded Beads - A Jelly Fish Bead In Gunmetal And Red

Right Angle Weave - The Most Versatile Beading Stitch Of All

Peyote Stitch - Easy Or Painstakingly Difficult?

Spectacular Snake Eye Ring

Cobalt Blue Elegance With Right Angle Weave

spectacular Snake Eye Ring

Beautiful Riverstone Necklace And Earrings

Peyote Bracelet - Stitched With Amazing Delicas

Seed Bead Necklace In Lilac And Rose


It's All About Jewelry Beads

Glass Beads - A Blessed Gift From Ancient Egypt

Glass Beads - Part 2

Seed Beads - The Most Versatile Of All Beads

Metal Beads Can Be Striking Accents In Your Jewelry

Add Glamour To Your Jewelry With Sparkling Crystal

Timeless elegance in a small but beautiful package - the pearl

Amber - Prehistoric gold and a feast for paleontologists

Bone Horn and Ivory

Coral - A Beautiful But Costly Gift From The Ocean

Coral part 2 - Damaging Desire

Wood Beads - Beauty From The Nature Back In Fashion

Mother Of Pearl - Opal From The Sea


Gemstones - Mother Nature's Gift To Mankind


Gemstones B-I

Gemstones J-M

How To Classify Gemstones

Gemstone Enhancements For Better Or For Worse

Jewelry basics:

Jewelry Basics

Jewelry Tools - What You Need And Maybe Do Not Need

Jewelry Findings Make Your Jewelry Shine

Beading Wire

Jewelry Wire

Jewelry Clasps - A Mere Necessity Or Lovely Focal Points?

Jewelry Design - Not Just A Visual Feast

Creating with Your Heart

Chain-mail useful information To Avoid Frustration

Jewelry tutorials:

Jewelry Tutorials - How To Create Lovely Jewelry

How You Can Make Perfect Wire Loops

How You Can Make A Double Hook Clasp

This Is How You Fasten A Clasp Too A Beading Wire

Purple Necklace With Skinner Blend Polymer Clay Beads

Want To Make Your Own Jump Rings? It Is Very Easy

Red And White Nugget Bracelet

Hook And Eye Clasp. A Simple Clasp With Lots Of Potential

Colorful Nugget Necklace In Royal Blue And Green

Make Your Own Wire Clasp In Just 5 Minutes

Long Silver Necklace With Polymer Clay Beads, Gemstones And Pearls

Beautiful Flower Earrings In Green And Peach

Sparkling Crystal Feathers

Dangling Necklace With Flower Beads And Silver

Glamorous Crystal Cluster Earrings

Floating Necklace With Pearls

Blue Breeze Necklace

Macrame knots - Part 1 - The Basics

Use Links To Build An Elegant Charm Bracelet And Earrings

Chain Mail Bracelet With Polymer clay, Bone And Freshwater Pearl Charms

Make Your Own Ear Wires

Dangling Lizard Earrings In Silver And Crystal

Make A Full Persian 6-1 Pendant With Lovely Aqua Jasper Pebbles

Make A Light And Lacy Macrame Bracelet

Make A Pair Of Light And Lazy Macrame Earrings

Blue Dragon Back Chain Mail Necklace

Handmade Cluster Earrings Tutorial (video)

Jewelry Trends Through Time:

Jewelry Trends Through Time

Body Jewelry-Barbaric, Provoking And Extreme Or A Blooming Trend in Fashion

Place Your Jewelry Right where You Want It

Celtic Jewelry - Symbol,Art And Mystic Hand In Hand

Gothic Jewelry - A Flirt With Pagant Symbols, Mystic And The Supernatural

Victorian Jewelry - Fit For A Queen

Lucite Jewelry - Valuable And Collectible Plastic From The Past

Costume Jewelry - Glamorous And Fashionable At A Low Cost

Jewelry Techniques

Jewelry Making - A Candystore For Jewelry Designers And Crafters

Enamel Jewelry

Cloisonne Jewelry - Artistic Beauties Of Glass And Metal

Enameling Guilloche - Beauty Invented By Faberge

Plique-a-jour - Glass Paintings In Mineature

Champleve And Basse Taille - Enameling Techniques You Can Combine

Macrame - Knot Your Way To Beautiful Jewelry


Metals In Jewelry Making

Gold, The Metal That Has Bedazzled Us For Thousands Of Years

Silver- The Most Radiant Of All Metals

Pewter - Not Just A Cheap Substitute For Silver

Polymer clay basics:

Polymer Clay Basics That Are Good To Know

Polymer Clay Brands, Firm And Liquid

How To Condition Polymer Clay

Are Phthalates In Polymer Clay A Risk To Your Health?

About Baking Polymer Clay

Storing Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Tools

Polymer Clay Tools - Part 2

Choose The Right Surface Finish For Your Polymer Clay Beads

The Difference Between Metal Leaf And Foil, And How To Use Them

Paint, Ink And Wax. Can They Be Used On Polymer Clay?

Mica Powder And Other Inclusions You Can Use With Polymer Clay

Cleaning Your Pasta Machine - Do You Actually Have To Take It Apart?

Polymer clay tutorials:

Polymer Clay Tutorials

Glazing Beads With Liquid Polymer Clay Gives A Glass Like Sheen To Your Beads

Skinner Blend

Purple And Turquoise Skinner Blend Cylinder Beads

Beautiful Blue And White Nuggets

Golden Polymer Clay Beads

Big And Lumpy Polymer Clay Ring

Dangling Amethyst Earrings

A Bulls Eye Cane, A Snake, A Log And A Jelly Roll

Rough And Tough Polymer Clay Beads Part 1

Rough And Tough Polymer Clay Beads Part 2

Black And White Kaleidoscope Cane

Mokume Gane - Japanese Metal Art Adopted By Polymer Clay

Lovely Earth Toned Mokume Gane Beads

Mokume Gane Beads In Copper Black And Cream

Lovely Mokume Gane Nyggets In Pearly Green, Gunmetal And blue

Violet Inked Polymer Clay Beads

Beautiful Pastel Mokume Gane Beads

Kaleidoscope Cuff Bracelet

Gay And Funny Splash Beads

Candy Beads Made With Scrapclay

Persian Beads

Color Full Flower Beads

Elegant Retro Inspired Polymer Clay Bracelet

Radiant Mica Shift Necklace

Funky Mica Shift Beads - Part 1

Funky Mica Shift Beads - Part 2

Funky Mica Shift Necklace

Swirl Beads - One Pattern, Three Techniques

Delightful Puff Beads - Part 1

Delightful Puff Beads - Part 2

Have Fun Caning With A Clay Gun

Make A Bangle With A Tin Can, Clay Gun And Faux Mother Of Pearl Inlay

Make A Sunny And Funny Bracelet With The simplest Of Canes

Shaving Foam - Not Just For Shaving

Eye Catching Chinese Brocade Beads

Use A Paper Puncher To Crate Lovely Inked Flower Beads

Faux Plique-a-jour Earrings

Faux Enamel With Liquid Polymer Clay And Mica Powder

Make Polymer Clay Beads With An Illusion of Watercolored Confetti

Make A Beautiful Butterfly Cane From Basic Canes

About color:

Know The Color Theory And Do Magic With It

Mixing Colors With Polymer Clay

Famous Jewelry:

Famous Jewelry - Gemstones And Pearls - Sparling, Valuable, Deadly Or Cursed

Koh I Noor Diamond - Cursed Or Victim Of The Violence In Mans History

The Hope Diamond - Beautiful And Mysterious

Submit your jewelry making content:

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Do You Have A Great Jewelry Making Tutorial Or Article That You Would Like To Share?

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