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Famous Jewelry, Gemstones And Pearls – Sparkling, Valuable, Deadly Or Cursed

Famous jewelry triggers our curiosity like never before. With a world full of beautiful jewelry, gemstones and pearls some naturally becomes more, let’s say “in the spotlight” than others, known to the world because of their size, sparkle, color or history, or because they are considered to be cursed.

Some pieces are well known because they belong to someone famous, or have a bloody history of ownership ruled by greed, power and obsession. But, one thing that applies to close to all of them is that they are worth lots and lots of money. Their historic owners were, and still are, often rulers of great empires, famous actors, billionaires or otherwise wealthy or very powerful people.

There is jewelry that is famous even though it is not valuable in the sense of money, like the jewelry found on the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean in the debris around the unsinkable ship Titanic. Most of those treasures are lost to the world, but knowing that the first class on the ship was filled with wealthy people, there are bound to be lots of valuable jewelry on the bottom of the ocean. Some pieces were however found, and can be seen on Titanic exhibitions several places around the world today.

The value of these few, recovered pieces lie not in their money value but in what they represent. They evoke the memories of the passengers on Titanic and the horror they went through. A bracelet with the name “Amy” spelled out with gemstones is a very personal item that once belonged to a girl or woman called Amy, lost in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Several large collections of jewelry are famous, because of their total value and that they are owned by the same person or family, like the Royal crown jewels of Great Brittan, or actress Elizabeth Taylor.

There are fascinating stories around these famous jewelry pieces with their histories, legends and myths. Click on the links below, and you can read them all.

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