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Ruffled Brick Stitch Bracelet With Crystals

Brick stitch bracelet with Swarovsky crystals

This ruffled Brick stitch bracelet is mainly made with seed beads. Seed beads are so amazing, because you can use them for close to everything when it comes to jewelry making. Mainly though they are used for bead weaving or loom work.

You can alter the appearance of a cuff bracelet by using fringe like stacks of beads, using different bead sizes and seed beads with different finishes, like silver lined and silver lined matte as I have done here.

The result is a ruffled, lace like bracelet which is very comfortable to wear and has a look that can be used both for everyday wear, or special occasion wear. If you think it is too much with the crystal bicones, swap them with something else, like gemstones or Czech glass beads.

Brick stitch is a wonderful kind of stitch, which can be used in so many ways. You can easily create jewelry that looks extremely complicated to make, but is both easily and quickly to create.

Unfortunately I have no photos from the process of creating this ruffled Brick stitch bracelet since it was an impulse creation on a rainy day in front of the TV. I can tell you how to make it though and I hope that you can understand what I mean, by looking at the different sections of the bracelet. I will try to be as clear and precise in my description as I can. If you have any difficulties or questions about it, do not hesitate to let me know.

What you need:
- A: Seed beads size 6, silver lined.
- B: Seed beads size 11, silver lined
- C: Seed beads size 11, silver lined matte
- 4 mm Swarovsky bicones
- Two fire polished 8 mm beads
- Fireline
- Elastic beading thread
- Beading needle

Row 1-5:

Use Brick stitch start method 1 and string 13 A's.
Work 5 rows of Brick stitch.

Brick stitch bracelet

Row 6:
Add three C, one 4 mm Bicone, six C, one 4 mm Bicone and three C. coming out of the last C, go through the loop between the first and second bead and back up the three C, the 4 mm Bicone and three C. This procedure is exactly like ordinary Brick stitch with one bead in each row. Instead of one bead, you now have a stack of three seed beads, one bicone and three seed beads. That you have to add double up when you start the row, is also like ordinary Brick stitch, where bead one and two is added first, and then only one bead for each loop after that. (I hope this is not to clumsy explained) Continue adding stacks through out the row.

green brick stitch bracelet

Row 7-9:
Work three rows with A's.

Row 10-12:
Work three rows with B's.

Row 13-15:
Work three rows with A's

Row 16:
Work one row with Stacks like in row 6.

Continue repeating the steps from row 6 to 16 until you are close to the desired length of the Brick stitch bracelet. Finish of with 5 rows with A's. Weave through the bead work making a few knots, and cut the thread.

Green Brick stitch bracelet closure

Make the loops for the clasp:
By using elastic thread for the loops, you will have a bracelet which is easy to manage when you put it on or take it off, and prevents the loops from slipping of the beads when you wear it.

Use an elastic thread and weave the thread through the bead work until you are two beads from the side in the last row. Go through the third bead and string on 11 B's. Go through the 5th bead in the last row, so that you have made a loop with the 11 beads. Tie off the elastic thread, cut the ends and add a drop of glue to the knot.

Repeat on the other side of the last row.

Brick stitch bracelet

Sew on the Fire polished beads for the clasp:
Use a comfortable length of Fire line. Weave it through to the third bead on the first row. Add a Fire polished bead, go through the closest bead that matches the size of the Fire polished bead, and back through the third seed bead. Go through a couple of times more to add strength. Weave the thread to the other side and repeat with the other Fire polished bead. Finish off by making several small knots and cut the thread. And this completes the Brick stitch bracelet.

When it comes to adding clasps, I have learned the hard way that it is wise to finish the bead work and add a new thread length for the clasp, instead of finishing with the thread used for the bracelet. This way you can change the clasp if needed. If you sew on the clasp with the same thread, you will have to do the end of the bracelet again, in order to tie the thread again after you cut it removing the clasp.

Anyway, your Brick stitch bracelet is done and ready to be showed off.

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