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Blue Breeze Necklace

The pendants in this necklace are quite big, but it actually looks nice on, since it is not so long. The shapes and the colors used in both the pendants and the imitation suede make me think of a beautiful sunny summer day by the sea, with crystal clear blue water and a warm breeze. It simply makes me happy to look at.

It was fun to make as well. Creating canes with a clay gun can be a bit addictive. You never know the outcome, how the colors will blend on their way down the barrel of the clay gun. Sometimes you cannot distinguish one color from the other and everything looks kind of muddy. Other times you get the most wonderful rings, like a bull’s-eye cane, but the pattern changes for each and every slice you cut.

You can see how I made a cane just like the one used for these pendants, in this tutorial: Have Fun Caning With A Clay Gun.

Imitation suede is, like real suede, soft and comfortable to wear. You can get it in all kinds of colors, which makes it easy to match it with the other colors in your project.

What you need :

  • Three polymer clay pendants or pendants of your coise
  • Imitation suede
  • 4 light blue freshwater pearls, 6 mm.
  • Silver chain
  • Two square silver plated links, proximately 2x2 cm
  • 4 silver plated cord ends, 4mm
  • 6 jumprings, 4,5 mm
  • One lobster clasp
  • Beading wire, 49 strands
  • 2 crimp beads
  • 2 crimp covers

Step 1:
Cut a length of beading wire, proximately 12 cm. String one pearl and then the rest of the pendants and pearls.
Step 2:
String one crimp bead on one of the ends, add one link, go back through the crimp bead and flatten it with a pair of pliers. Do the same on the other side. Cover the crimps with the crimp covers and cut off the excess beading wire
Step 3:
Cut four length of the imitation suede, proximately 13 cm. The total length of the necklace will be the pendant section + left side imitation suede + right side imitation suede + clasp, so you may have to adjust their length to the length you desire. Put two suede lengths on top of each other and add a cord end to each side. Squeeze the cord end with a pair of pliers until you feel the suede is securely fastened inside them. Do the same with the other two suede lengths.
Step 4:
Attach the suede lengths to the pendant length with a pair of jump rings. Add the clasp to the other end of one of them and a jump ring to the other one. Cut two lengths of chain of proximately 15 cm. Attach them to the jump rings between the cords and links, and to the clasp and the jump ring at the back. And that was it. Your blue breeze necklace is made and ready to be worn.

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