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How You Can Make A Double Hook Clasp

Making a double hook clasp with jewelry wire, is not difficult. You can make it plain, enhance it with a bead, or create a beautiful designer clasp with wire loops strung together and embellished with beads. The foundation of the clasp is the same, the hook in one end, and you creativity blooming in the other.

This is a clasp that can be used in so many ways. The coils you make close to the bead will prevent the jumpring to slide of the clasp. If you bend the hook close together, this clasp is very safe and strong.

Let's get started, shall we?

To make a double hooked clasp you will need the following:
- Silver wire, half hard
- one silver bead
- Chain-nose pliers
- Flush cutters

Adding the metal bead whenmaking a double hood clasp

Step 1:
Cut a piece of the silver wire, about 14 cm long. Make a loop in one end, and slide on the silver bead.

Making the double hook on the clasp

Step 2:
Bend the wire with the chain-nose pliers about 6-7 cm from the bead. The distance you choose here decides how long the hook will be. It may take some practice to know where you must bend the wire to get the right size of the clasp, but do not despair. If it gets all wrong, just start over again with another length of wire.

Making a double hook clasp

Step 3:
Now you will squeeze the wire closer together, to form the hook. Start at the top of the bend and gently press the bend together. Continue down until you are about 0,5 cm from the bead.

Fastening the double hook on the double hook clasp

Step 4:
Position the pliers across both wires, and gently bend the wire end horizontal across.

Enhancing the double hook clasp with a few wire coils

Step 5:
Apply some pressure on the pliers, so that the wires are held firmly in place, while you start to coil the wire around til you reach the bead. If you like, you can apply some extra swirls around the top of the bead, just for decoration. Cut the excess wire.

Bending the double hook clasp

The finished double hook clasp

Step 6:
Position your pliers a little distal from the center of the hook, and bend it towards the bead. Use your pliers to press the two sides of the hook closer together, so that it will not be to loose. If you like, you can bend the tip a little bit upwards. It looks nice, and sometimes it is easier to hook it into the jumpring or what you use for the second part of the clasp.

Congratulation, you have now made a perfect clasp.

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