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Brick Stitch.
So Beautiful, So Easy

Brick stitch is such a wonderful bead weaving technique. It looks beautiful and complex, but is really easy to do. By varying the number of beads you use in each row vertically, using beads of different sizes, combining seed beads with crystals and so on, you can make the most exiting and beautiful beaded jewelry.

To simplify it a bit for you, I will start this tutorial with the Single-needle Ladder, but if you prefer one of the other methods choose that one. You can read about the different ways to start Brick stitch here.

In this beading instruction I will show your how to continue on row 2 and on.

Let's begin:

Step 1:
Thread the needle with a comfortable length of thread and wax it well. String on two beads and continue adding beads until you reach the wanted length for your project. Make sure the thread is coming out the top of the last bead added.

Add two beads, and go through the loop between the first two beads in the base row.

Step 2:
Go back up through the last bead added.

step 3:
Add a bead and go through the next loop and pass back up the last bead added.

Continue in this way until you reach the end of the row. Flip the bead work around and start the next row in the same manner.

If you prefer to bead from right to left you do not have to flip the bead work over.
Continue for as many rows as your project requires.

If you start your bead work with the Back Stitch method, you may want to continue adding three beads in each row. If so, go through the steps above but add three beads instead of one. You can add as many beads as you like. Experiment with the number of beads and maybe different types of beads, and you can create some truly amazing projects.

Increase and decrease:
To increase and decrease both within a row and on the beginning or end of a row, is quite easy.

To increase at the end of a row, and inside a row, is done the same way. You add a bead as usual, go through the loop and back up the bead. Then you add another bead, but instead of going through the next loop, you go through the same loop as the previous bead.

To decrease within a row, simply skip one loop and go through the next instead. When decreasing at the end of a row, don't add the last bead or go through the last loop, but turn over and start as usual.

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