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Enjoy The Creation Of Beaded Beads – A Jelly Fish Bead In Gunmetal And Red

Beaded Jelly fish bead

I really have a soft spot for beaded beads. They are not always easy to make, and can be a real challenge when they are made with certain techniques. This bead is not so difficult though. It is quite easy to make, since you have a wood bead as core and don't use complicated beading stitches. You simply make rings of beads as the base, and then embellish them.

The base that covers the wooden bead, will not show through the embellishment. That's why you don't have to use peyote stitch to cover it. The technique has potential to make all kinds of embellishments, so once you have made one, you can develop your own embellishment techniques.

Are you ready to give it a try? OK, here we go!

What you need:
- One 17 mm round wood bead
- Czech seed beads #11 – dark red
- Czech seed beads #6 – gunmetal
- Rocailles #15 - silver lined red
- Gray sequins
- One round, gray glass bead, 8 mm
- One round Hematite bead, 8 mm
- Four red Swarovski bicones, 4 mm
- Fire line
- John James beading needle #12
- Rubber cord 3 mm
- Two silver colored cord ends 3 mm i.d.
- Silver wire 20 gauge, half hard
- Two jumprings 3 mm
- One spring tension clasp

Step 1:
Cut a comfortable length of Fire line, go through the wood bead and tie the ends with a surgeons knot. In order to keep the rows of beads from sliding off the wood bead, you first need to make some anchors. I have found that this is a good way to make beaded beads easier. Go through the bead hole again until you have 5 strings going from hole to hole on the outside of the bead.

Make half-hitch knots on the top of each string, so that you secure them from moving. Go through the hole and do the same on the other end.

Step 2:
Starting at the top of the bead, add two #11 beads and bring the needle under the next string. Add two more beads, and go under the next string. Continue until you have completed the round.

Step 3:
To continue on the next row, you need to step down. You do this by bringing the needle through the two first beads you applied and then go under the string.

Step 4:
You start the new round by adding as many beads that there is room for between the two strings. Then continue as you did in step 2 and 3. Continue adding rows until the whole bead is covered.

Step 5:
Weave your thread through the beads until you are on the mid row, coming out of one of the beads. String a #6 bead and a #15 bead. Go back through the #6 bead. Skip the next bead in the base row, and go through the second from where you came out last. What you do is actually making a very short fringe. Pull the thread until the beads are secured close to the base. Add a new #6 and a #15 and repeat through out the base row. Repeat one more round.

Step 6:
You are now ready to begin the third row from the middle of the bead. In this round you will add the first fringes. Add a #6 and then 5 #15. Skip the last bead and go back through the previous four, the #6 and then through the bead in the base row, like you did in step 5. Repeat until you have completed the row.

Step 7:
For this round repeat step 6 but now with 10 #15's.

Step 8:
In this row repeat step 6 but now string on one #6, 10 #15, 1#6, 5 #15, one #6 and three #15. Go back through the last #6 and back down all the beads until you reach the base row. Continue through out the round.

Step 9:
This is the last row. Add a #6, 15 #15, one #6, 5 #15, one sequin, one #6, one sequin and three #15. Skip the last tree beads and go back through the rest. Complete the row.

Step 10:
Weave the thread up through the bead rows to the middle row. Step up to the next round and repeat step 5 until you reach the top of the bead.

Step 11:
Cut a length of Fire line. String 4 crystal bicones. Go through the bicones one more time, and tie off the thread with a surgeons knot.

Step 12:
Cut a length of wire about 10 cm. Make a twisted loop in one end, and slide on a glass bead, the beaded bead, the Hematite bead, the ring of Swarovski bicones and a #6 seed bead. Make a twisted loop on top.

Step 13:
Now you will make the bail. Cut a length of wire, about 12 cm. Make a loop in the middle of the wire and twist the ends around each other two times. Use a 3 mm mandrel and coil the ends around it, one end to the right, the other one to the left. Make 5 coils and cut the wire ends. File the ends if they are sharp.

Step 14:
Cut the rubber cord in the desired length. Slide on the bail and add the cord ends. Attach the clasp. Attach the beaded bead to the bail with two jumprings that go through each other.

And that's it. Your necklace with the beaded bead is done. Now you can create some stunning beaded beads quite easy.

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