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Dangling Lizard Earrings In Silver And Crystal

Earrings, can you ever get enough of them? If you don’t like to wear things around your neck or wrist, but still want to wear jewelry, earrings are perfect. They come in a huge variation of sizes and shapes. They can be heavy and very dominant or small and discreet and everything in between.

We do however usually have some preferences about what kind of jewelry we like to hang in our ears. I love large and dangling ones, some only wear precious metals and others want small but heavily embellished ones.

They are safe to give away as presents. Giving a necklace or a ring may be too personal, a bracelet a bit too much. A pair of earrings on the other hand is a perfect gift. It does not give the wrong signals and is normally within the tolerated range of how much a gift is supposed to cost.

As a jewelry crafter you can make them from all kinds of materials, mixing and matching as you please. The only thing to keep in mind is not to make them too heavy. Unless you are into body jewelry you most likely don’t want your ear lobes stretched, so light materials may be a good idea.

Allergy is another thing to consider. Perhaps not so much for the materials used in the embellishment as for the ear wire. The embellishments are seldom in direct contact with your skin, unless they are very long and reach your shoulder. The ear wire on the other hand goes through your ear lobe, and may cause allergic reactions if containing certain types of metal, like nickel. So keeping those of precious metals may be for the best.

The earrings in this tutorial are long and dangling and held in silver shades. Let’s start making them, shall we? OK!

What you need:

Step 1:
Cut the chain with the large oval rings (chain A) to a length proximately the length of the lizard pendants. Attach it to the large jump ring with a small jump ring. (The chain I used had links between the rings that I used instead of a jump ring)
Step 2:
Attach the lizard pendant to the large jump ring with a small one.
Step 3:
Cut a piece of sterling silver wire, proximately 6 cm. Make a loop in one end and add one crystal bicone. Make a wrapped loop at the top by winding the wire around the top of the bicone. It will look a bit like a bead cap. Do the same to the other crystal bicone, but turn it the other side up, so that one has the silver side up, the other the crystal side up.
Step 4:
Cut two different lengths of the thin jewelry chain (chain B), one the same length as chain A, the other a few cm longer. Add a crystal bicone to each of them and attach them to the large jump ring with two small ones.
Step 5:
Open the large jump ring, attach the ear wire and your earrings are done. The ear wire is a fishhook variation. Instead of one loop, you make a spiral loop. You can see how to make a fishhook ear wire in this tutorial: Make Your Own Ear Wires

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