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Jewelry Basics

Knowledge about what you need to make jewelry, the jewelry basics, can make the difference between amateur and professional handcrafted jewelry.

Blue polymer clay beads, gemstones and sliver bracelet

When I was a newbie to jewelry making, I made several nice necklaces, but since I didn't know better, I made them with the wrong thread. The result was necklaces that broke after a short time. I learned the hard way, and thanked heaven that I had not sold any of them.

On the following pages, you can read about the basics in jewelry making. Find out all about findings, which beading wire to use for your different projects, about using the right tool for the right job, and more.

polymer clay and gemstone bracelet Knowing what's available of jewelry supplies, what to use and how to use it, will make the ride towards finished jewelry easier for you. And perhaps also cheaper? I have bought so many different jewelry tools, that I thought I needed, but never used.

A good foundation is necessary for most things, and jewelry making is no exception. Without it all your hard work may be in vain. Therefor I have gathered what I know on the following pages, and I hope they will be of good use to you. Enjoy!

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Do you want to know what kind of Beading Wires to use for your projects? If so, read this!

Jewelry wire, read about sizes, wire hardness and metals

Learn about the different types of clasps and which to use for what.

Jewelry Design - Not Just A Visual Feast

Jewelry Design - Creating With Your heart

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