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Make Lovely Candy Beads From Scrap Clay

Polymer clay scrap clay necklace

These beads remind me of candy, hence the name Candy beads. Have you tried making something, but no matte what you do, it all becomes a total mess? When you eventually call it a day, you sit with all this scrap clay from the intended project, and don't know what to do with it? Well here is one solution to the problem: You can make Candy beads. And despite being made with scrap clay, they come out quite nice too.

This is a nice way to make many beads with very little effort. They kind of do them selves with just a little help from you. You can make them thick, thin, long, short even heisi if you like. Because of the way they are made, not two beads are entirely like. From one lot of scrap clay, you can get plenty of different patterns and color combinations, but all with the same base colors. And it is SO easy, just look here:

What you need:

  • Scrap clay
  • Bamboo rod
  • Glass or acrylic plate
  • Shape cutter

The scrap clay used in this tutorial came from this project:Persian Beads

Step 1:
Roughly squeeze part of the clay into a thick cigar shape. Stick it onto a bamboo rod.

Step 2:
Place one hand on each side of the cigar shape and start rolling it as you push forward with your left hand and backwards with your right hand. Keep on doing this and the spiral pattern will appear.
Move your hands while rolling the clay, so that you go evenly over the entire piece. It will spread outwards to the ends of the bamboo rod, with most spirals in the middle. If it gets too long, cut it in two, remover one half and work on with the other.

Step 3:
When the roll is as thin as you like, use a glass plate or an acrylic one and roll it smooth and of the same thickness all over. Cut the roll into pieces, using a ruler to get the same size on them all. Slide them onto a bamboo rod and cure them for 30 minutes.

Step 4:
When cold, sand the edges, so they become smooth. Give them the surface finish you like, and you are done. You now have many, many candy beads that you can design into beautiful jewelry. Easy wasn't it?

At the end of this tutorial you will se another way of making scrapclay beads

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