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Long Silver Necklace With Polymer Clay Beads, Gemstones And Pearls

Polymer clay and wire work necklace

I love long, dangling necklaces. They have a certain elegance, and certainly draw peoples eyes towards it. What inspired me to make this one was an experiment, making polymer clay beads and color them with ink. The outcome was these violet and silver beads, and their oval shape was just perfect for a long, dangling necklace.You can see the tutorial on how to make the beads here.

The wire work is done with wire in three different gauges. The thinnest one was chosen not for the looks, but because it was the only wire thin enough to pass through the pearl since pearls tend to have very small holes.

So, are you ready to start making your long, dangling necklace? OK! Here we go.

What you need:
- 8 oval polymer clay beads, proximately 25 mm in length.
- 21 silver spacers, 8 mm.
- 20 3 mm round silver beads
- 15 6 mm silver beads
- 16 7 mm freshwater pearls, dark purple
- 16 flat round 8 mm Aragonite beads
- 8 6 mm round Blue lace Agate beads
- 1 21 mm flat silver ring
- 1 silver link with 5 loops (focal)
- Silver wire 14 gauges, soft
- Silver wire 20 gauges, half hard
- Silver wire 22 gauges, soft
- One clasp
- 5 jump rings, 3 mm

Step 1:
Cut a 10 cm length of 20 gauge wire. Make a twisted loop in one end. Add a 3 mm silver bead, a spacer bead, a polymer clay bead, a spacer bead and a 3 mm silver bead. Make a twisted loop at the end. Do the same with all the polymer clay beads.

Step 2:
Cut a 8 cm length of 20 gauge wire. Make a twisted loop, add a 6 mm silver bead, a Blue lace Agate and a silver bead. Finish off with another twisted loop. Repeat with the rest of the Agates, except for one.

Step 3:
Cut a 10 cm length of 22 gauge wire. Make a loop in one end, slip on a pearl and put it aside. Do the same with 13 more pearls and with 14 of the Aragonite beads.

Step 4:
Cut a 6 cm length of the 14 gauge wire. Use the round nose pliers and make a loop in one end. Place your nose pliers close to where the loop starts and make the second loop. Cut the wire. You now have an S-shaped link. These will connect the bead-links in the necklace. Make 15 more links.

Put each on your anvil and hammer them flat. Since the wire is soft, this make it hard enough to stay in shape despite the weight of the finished necklace. If you happen to have a rock tumbler, tumble all the links for about 20 minutes. This will make them smooth and shiny.

Step 5:
Now that you have made all the components, it is time to put it all together. Connect one polymer clay bead with a Blue lace Agate, using one of the S-links. Close the loops of the link as tight you can. Continue to put all the bead links together. This will leave you with a Blue lace Agate link in the front.

Step 6:
On each side of the Agate link in the middle, add an S-link. They shall be placed between the silver beads and the loops. Then fasten the silver ring to the other side of the s-links. Add three jump rings to the silver ring and attach the focal piece.

Step 7:
Cut a 10 cm length of 22 gauge wire. Make a loop in one end. Slip on a 3 mm silver bead, a pearl and a silver spacer. Attach this link to the focal piece by slipping the wire through the outer loop and making a twisted loop to secure it. Do the same with the last bead and with the Aragonite beads.

Cut another 10 cm length of 22 gauge wire, make a loop and slip on a 6 mm silver bead, the last Blue lace Agate, a silver spacer bead and attach this to the middle loop of the focal piece. The Aragonite links will be between the pearls and the Agate.

Step 8:
Attach the beads you prepared in step 3 to the bottom loops of all the S-links. Attach the Aragonite beads to the upper loop of the links. Secure them with twisted loops. Make sure that you attach them on the side away from the opening of the S-loops. This way they will not slip of accidentally.

Step 9:
Attach the clasp to your necklace. I have used a hook and eye clasp, made from wire and a silver colored bead with crystals. You can see how the clasp was made in this tutorial.

And You are done. Put it around your neck and wear it with pride. I promise you that you will receive lots of complements for it.

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