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Thank you for doing the magazines. The history and tutorials are thoughtful and interesting. I'm very glad that I discovered your site.
Thank you for sharing your passion, knowledge, and experience. It has been most helpful as well as inspired some new options for design. Sheila H
I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I've been sitting here for about 24 hours trying to figure out the Persian 6-1 weave. Every website I've been to had "Step 2 is really tricky, here's pictures, now figure it out." Your idea of using a wire to hold it's form made me figure it out! You rock!
Good morning Anne
Thank you so much for your tuturials on the net.I love looking at the colouful beads and although I am not in jewellery making I appreaciate the marvellous things that can be produced from yhe clay.As a mosaicer I would love some tutorial on the making of tiles which I want to include in my mosaic pieces.
Thank you so much Anne, for being so generous with your knowledge! I am so grateful that I can access such fabulous tutorials at no charge. That shows you have a very generative spirit. I am very grateful to have found you.
Beth Miami, FL
Thank you for a most informative site for me,- a newbie to polymer clay,- this fantastic material!

I´ve got the impression you are Norwegian,- are you living in Norway? If so, where do you get the materials to make the polymer beads? I have difficulties finding liquid polymer clay, translucent clay and tools.I know there are lots and lots of netshops selling this, but I would of course prefer to buy somewhere at the lowest cost of shipping and taxes,- do you have any tip for me? And is there shops which provide a wider range of polymer clay materials and tools in Scandinavia? I have only found Panduro Hobby yet, and they only have Fimo.

I hope I´ll hear from you,


Dear Anne Cecilie:
What an amazing woman you are! Sharing so much valueable information. Thank you so very much! All the best,
Dear Anne,
Thank-You for taking the time to make such a site available. I enjoyed the articles on how to use an extruder. I didn't realize what they could do.
I just want to say that I really enjoy your site. I will share some of my work once I get it going. I have been working with stones and going back to my first love which is weaving. Take care and Positive Thoughts Always.

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