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This Is How You Fasten A Clasp To A Beading Wire

Fastening a clasp securely to a piece of jewelry is crucial. If you don't do it right you risk loosing your necklace or bracelet. Choosing the wrong clasp may of course also take credit for that, but you can pick the safest of all safe clasps in vain, if it is not fastened properly.

So how do you do that, attach a clasp securely? Well, I am about to show you right here:

You will need this:
- A clasp
- Beading wire
- One wire guardian
- One crimp cover

Ready to begin? Ok!

Don't know what these things are? Read about them here.

How to add a wire guardian to a wire

Step 1:
Slide one crimp onto the beading wire. If the hole in the last bead you strung is big, stop the crimp from sliding into it with your fingers. Apply the wire guardian by sliding the wire trough its openings, the first one from underneath and the other one from above so that it follows the curve of the guardian.

How to fasten a clasp to a beading wire

Step 2:
Slide the clasp on the end of the wire and onto the wire guardian. Lead the wire end back through the crimp. So that you have a loop with the wire guardian and the clasp in the middle. Tighten the loop by pulling on the end of the wire, until the wire lies snugly inside the curve of the guardian, and the crimp is close to both the last bead you strung, and the guardian.

Fastening a clasp

Step 3:
With a pair of chain-nose pliers, squeeze the crimp flat. If you use a pair of crimp pliers, squeeze it into a small ball.

Adding a crimp cover in the process of fastening a clasp to a beading wire

Step 4:
Grab a crimp cover with your chain-nose pliers and put it over the crimp. Close it gently by squeezing the opening shut. Lead the end of the wire through the last bead you strung, and cut it.

Pull the clasp a little, to make sure it is fastened securely. Does it hang on, fine!

And that is it, you can now fully trust your clasp to be well attached to your piece of jewelry.
Wear it and show it off, with pride!

If you want to see how this clasp was made, take a look here.

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