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Seedbead Necklace In Lilac And Rose

seedbead necklace

This seedbead necklace was supposed to be a three stranded right angle weave necklace, but I ended up with round rosettes instead. It is strange how projects suddenly take a turn on its own, and become something entirely different than what you had in mind. I found the rosettes quite cute though, and made some more and the result is this necklace. It is very easy to do, so get your beads and needle, and I will show you how you can make it.

What you need to make this seedbead necklace:

  • Seed beads #11 Dyna-mites Ceylon Grey Lilac
  • Seed beads #11 Czech Opaque Rose
  • Seed beads #8 Dyna-mites Ceylon Grey Lilac
  • Seed beads #6 Dyna-mites Silver lined Rainbow Light Purple, square hole
  • Seed bead cube Metallic Copper lined square
  • 9 culture pearls white, 8 mm flat sided
  • Fireline
  • Beading needle #12

The Large Rosettes in the seedbead necklace:

Step 1:
String one cube (a), one #6, one #8 and one #6. Tie the ends together with a surgeons knot. Do not cut the thread. Go through the beads again so that you exit the #8 (b).

Step 2:
Exiting the #8, add one #11 Lilac, one #11 Rose and one #11 Lilac, go through all the beads one more time, including the beads you added in step one. Exit the #6 on the right hand.

Step 3:
Exiting the #6 (a) add one #8, one #6 and one cube. Go through the next #6 and exit the #8 (b).

Step 4:
Exiting the #8 (a), add one #11 Lilac, one #11 Rose, go through the next #11 Lilac, the next #8 and exit the #6 on the right hand(b).

Step 5:
Exiting the #6 (a), add one cube, one #6 and one #8. Exiting the #8, go through the #11 Lilac from step four, add one#11 Rose, one #11 Lilac, go through the #8, the #6, the cube bead and exit the #6 on the right hand. You are now at the same position as in step two.

Continue like this until you have 10 cube beads in the circle. Exiting the last#6, add one cube bead, go through the first #6, add one #8, go thorough the last #11 Lilac, add one #11 Rose, go back through the first #11 Lilac, through the #8 and exit through the #6.

Step 6:
Weave your way through the beading until you meet the beginning of the thread from where you started. Tie them together with a surgeons knot, wave each end through some beads and cut them. Make 10 rosettes and put them aside. If you want your seedbead necklace longer or shorter, make some more or some less.

The small rosettes in the seedbead necklace:

Step 1:
String 6 #8 and tie the thread ends together with a surgeons knot. Pull the knot into one of the beads and cut the end.

Step 2:
Exiting one of the #8 s, add two #11 Lilac, one #11 Rose and two #11 Lilac. Go through the #8 again and exit through the next #8. Repeat through out the circle of #8 s.

Step 3:
Exiting one #8, add one #6, one #11 Rose and go back down through the #6 and through the #8 on the opposite side of the rosette. Try to position the #6 in the middle of the rosette. Go through the next #8, back through the #6 and the #11 rose, down the #6 and repeat until you have centered the #6 and also ruffled the rosette a bit by pulling the thread hard every time you go through the beads in the middle. Exit one of the #8s. Make a knot, but do not cut the thread.

Putting the seedbead necklace together:
On the thread on the little rosette add three #11 Rose, go through one of the cube beads in one of the large rosettes, add three #11 Rose and go back the #8 you exited in step three. Go back through the beads to the large rosette. Weave through the beads until you exit one of the #11 Rose in the middle of the rosette. Add one pearl, go through a #11 Pink on the other side and go back through the pearl.

To avoid the pearl to turn around, do the same as you just did, but do not go thorough the pearl, just add one or two strings across its back side. This will prevent it from turning. Tie off the thread.

Repeat with the rest of the large and small rosettes, but do not add the pearl in the last of the large ones. This will be the ring of the beaded toggle clasp. Make sure that you have 4 cubes on the same side of all the large rosettes, and 5 on the other side. This will slightly help curving the seedbead necklace.

Making the toggle:
On a new length of thread, string 12 #11 Lilac. Do 8 rounds of Peyote. Stitch the bead sheet into a tube.

Weave your way to the outer edge on one of the sides. Add one cube bead, one #8 and one #11 Rose. Go back through the #8 and the cube, and down one of the beads in the toggle tube. Weave to the next bead to your right and repeat until you have fastened the cube bead in the center of the tube.

Exit one of the beads of the tube and add 11 #11 Rose. Lay them in a circle around the cube bead and the edge of the tube. Stitch it in place with some stitches, and weave your way to the other end of the tube. Repeat the above steps.

When done, weave your way to the middle of the toggle, add 9 #11 Lilac, go through the cube bead of the last toggle (with a pearl in the middle), add another 9 #11 Lilac and through a bead in the middle of the toggle. Go through the beads one more time and tie off the thread. And that was it, your seedbead necklace is done.

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