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Jewelry Making Techniques – A Candy Store For jewelry Designers And Crafters

There are many ways to make jewelry and some jewelry making techniques are highly professional and great skills are needed to do them, others are achievable by less skilled crafters, like me.

During my quest to make this site, I have bumped into many terms used for jewelry making, which I had heard about, but didn’t really know what was, not to speak of how they were done. I therefore decided to find out more about the world of jewelry making techniques.

Many techniques are very, very old, and have taken thousands of years to perfect. New techniques have developed from old ones along the way and other ones have lasted only for a short period of time. Regardless of that, we bump into them all every now and then.

Sometimes we fall for one particular technique and strive to learn everything about it, like making lampwork beads or working with enameling techniques. Other techniques are part of a jewelry crafters daily work, like wire work, bead weaving or bead stringing.

There are a lot of jewelry techniques to choose from, which is something to be grateful about. And, as you will see along the way, some can be very mesmerizing and triggers that little crafter we have in us into action.

Knowing more about jewelry making and wanting to explore one technique in particular is not always easy, as it may require lots of tools and perhaps a kiln or furnace. But, it can also trigger your creativity into using another media to design something similar. For instance; if you are a polymer clay artist, you can make enameling like jewelry by using metal leaf and liquid clay. If you do not know how to solder, wire wrapping may be a very satisfying substitute.

What I’m trying to say is, that by knowing the different techniques there are, you may be stimulated into exploring the technique you already master, and get even more out of it. Things you wouldn’t have known were possible unless you were introduced to the ocean of techniques that exist out there, just waiting for you to discover them and use them to your advantage.

Below you will find links to the different jewelry making techniques. I hope you will enjoy reading about them and that they will tickle your creativity and push your limits even further in your jewelry making quest.


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Enameling Guilloche - Beauty Invented By Faberge

Plique-a-jour - Glass Paintings In Miniature

Champleve and Basse taille - Enameling Tehcniques You Can Combine

Macrame - Knot Your Way To Beautiful Jewelry

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