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Make A Pair Of Light And Lacy Macrame Earrings

These macrame earrings are lovely and are made in less than half an hour. They match the bracelet in this tutorial, Make a light and lacy macramé bracelet so if you like a set of macrame earrings with a matching bracelet just grab the tutorials and go ahead creating.

When it comes to the beads used, I fell head over heal in love with the large pink ones. I usually buy my beads online, as the selection in Norway is somewhat limited, but in a Panduro store in my hometown I found these Czech rocailles #6 beads. They are rounder in shape than Japanese seed beads which make them perfect for macrame.

The basic of these macrame earrings make them easy for variation. Using other colors, other beads and different wire and wire shaping, you can make as many different macrame earrings as you please.

What you need to make these macrame earrings:

  • Thin crochet cotton cord in pink, black and white
  • Light pink seed beads #11
  • Violet seed beads in size #11 and #8
  • Pink seed beads in size #6
  • Silver colored cube beads
  • Sterling silver or silver colored wire 18 gauge
  • Ear wires
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Hammer
  • Anvil

Step 1:
Cut two lengths of wire 10 cm each. Place your round nose pliers on the middle and make a loop.
Step 2:
Hammer the ends flat with your hammer. You can texture them a bit with the round part of the hammer, if you like.
Step 3:
Cut the following cords:
  • Two black, each 40 cm
  • One white, 40 cm
  • One pink 40 cm

Add glue to the last 1-2 cm of each end of the cords. Apply the cords to the wire you prepared in step 1 like this: Fold the black cord in two and attach it to the wire with a Larks head knot.
Step 4:
Make a half hitch knot on the right side of the larks head knot. You do this by making a loop of the cord in the front of the wire, bring the cord behind the wire and through the loop. Pull tight.
Step 5:
Make a half hitch knot on the left side of the larks head knot.
Step 6:
Repeat with the rest of the cords in the following order from inside-out: White, pink and black.
Step 4:
Starting from the left side, use the outer cord as the anchor cord (AC). Make one row of horizontal double half hitches (HDHH)
Step 5:
Using the outer left cord as cord no 1, string on bead in the following order:
  • Cord 1: one light pink #11 seed bead, one pink #6 seed bead, one light pink #11 seed bead.
  • Cord 3: Two violet #8 seed beads.
  • Cord 5: Two violet #11 seed beads.

Use the same AC, make HDHH diagonal along the beads so that you have made a triangle.
Step 6:
Add a violet #11 seed bead to your AC and make HDHH close to the row you made in step 5. Repeat step 5 and 6 until you have 5 triangles.
Step 7:
Pull the cords under the wire, like you see on the photo.
Step 8:
Start attaching the cords to the wire with double half hitches. You do this like described in step 4. Pull tight and repeat one more time. Pull the macramé close to the wire for each knot.
Step 9:
Repeat with the other cords.
Step 10:
Turn the piece with the back up and pull the cords vertical like shown.
Step 11:
Add glue to all the knots along the wire. Let the glue dry and cut the cords as close to the knots as you can. Smooth the stubs downwards.
Step 11:
Use the round nose pliers and bend the wire ends like shown on the photo. Use the hammer to flatten the curves slightly. Cut of the top corner of the wire ends so that they are horizontal.
Step 13:
Cut a 5 cm length of wire. Make a loop in one end and string on one violet #8 seed bead, one pink #6 seed bead, one silver cube bead, one pink #6 and one violet #8 seed bead. Make a loop on the end.
Step 14:
Attach the macramé piece and attach an ear wire to the other side. And that was it. Your macramé earrings are done.

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