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Peyote Bracelet - Stitched With Amazing Delicas

Peyote Bracelet with Cylinder Beads

As you can see from this peyote bracelet, there are no seed beads that works better with Peyote stitch than Delicas from Miuki. These cylinder beads are so uniform, that when stitched together you can hardly pass a needle between them, because of their tight fit.

Stitched together they give a very stiff finish, perfect for anything that needs to hold its shape. You can use this stiffness to your advantage, like in this peyote bracelet, where you stitch the bracelet lengthwise instead of the regular way.

The Delicas also have rather large holes, which enables you to go through each bead several times. Therefor you can shape the bead work in any way you like, as you will see doing this peyote bracelet.

What you need:

  • #11 Delicas Gold Fleck Ivory
  • #11 Delicas Rainbow Luster Opaque Olive
  • #11 Delicas Galvanized Gold
  • Fireline
  • Beading needle #12
  • Swarovski bicones 4mm Olivine AB
  • 3 Freshwater pearls, olive colored, proximately 6 mm

Step 1:
String one olive Delica and one Gold Delica. Continue to string every other color until you have 140 beads. This will give you a bracelet of 18 cm length. If you want it longer add another 14 beads, if shorter add 14 beads less.

Stitch 10 rows with Gold Fleck Ivory.

Step 2:
Add 7 Gold Fleck Ivory. All the rows in the peyote bracelet will start and end with 14 gold Fleck Ivory beads (you add 7 which will cover 14 beads from the end of the bracelet to the beginning of the pattern). On the pictures the beginning of the pattern is marked with an a.

Add two olive beads. Weave the thread through the next 9 beads and add two olive beads. Repeat like this until you finish the row with the 7 gold flecked ivory beads.

Step 3:
Add one olive bead, weave through the next 11 beads, add two olive. Repeat until the end of the row. Finish with 14 Gold Fleck Ivory.

Step 4:
Add one gold bead, go through the olive bead from last the last row, and string on 11 olive beads. Pass through the olive bead from the last row and add one gold bead. Repeat until the end of the row. Finish with the 14 gold Fleck Ivory beads.

Step 5:
Do the whole row in peyote, adding gold beads in all the gaps. Finish with the 14 Gold Fleck Ivory beads.

Step 6:
Weave through the first two gold beads. Add 6 gold beads and weave through the next 3 beads. Repeat until the end.

Step 7:
Weave through the first 5 beads, add one gold, weave through the next 3, add one Gold bead and weave through the next 6 beads. Repeat til the end of the row.

Step 8:
Weave through the first 6 beads. Add a Crystal Bicone and weave through the next 7 beads. Repeat until the end of the row. You have now made the first half of the peyote bracelet. Put it aside.

Make the second half exactly like the first, but do not add the bicone in step 8.

Step 9:
Stitch the two halves together by weaving the first 14 beads together, then weave your way through the second half until you reach the gap where the bicone should be. Go through the bicone of the first half, and weave through the second half until you reach the next gap. Continue until you have joined the two halves from end to end.

Step 10:
Weave the end of the thread through the peyote bracelet until you reach the outer edge. If you don't have enough tread, tie it off and add a new one on the outer edge. Go to the edge that begins with an olive bead, and exit through it.

Add one gold bead, go through the first raised gold bead. Skip the next 5 gaps, but add 9 gold beads on the thread and pass through the 6th raised gold bead on the row. Add a gold bead, go through the next raised gold bead and repeat until the end of the row.

Step 11:
This row starts with a gold bead, not an olive like the first one. Coming out the gold bead, add one olive bead and go through the next two gold beads. Add 5 olive beads and go through the next two gold beads. Repeat until the end of the row.

Step 12:
coming out the last gold bead, you have a odd count peyote ending, and must do some side steps before you can continue the third row.

Flip your bead work so you have the end on the right side. Go back through the bead marked with 2, then through bead 3, 4 and back through bead 2. Coming out of the olive bead 2, you can start the row as usual going through bead 1.

Add one gold bead (this bead will be slightly tilted) and pass through the first green bead added in step 11. Add 4 gold beads. Coming out the last olive bead, add one gold (this will also be tilted) and pass through the next gold and the olive bead. Repeat until the end of the row.

Repeat on the other side of the Bracelet.

Step 13:
Sew on two olive pearls on one side of the bracelet, and one on the middle of the other side. Make elastic loops for each of the pearls, and your peyote bracelet is done.

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