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Colorful Nugget Necklace In Royal Blue and Green

Royal Blue And Green Polymer Clay Necklace

The nuggets for the necklace in this tutorial are made of Polymer clay with a Mokume gane technique. The royal blue is lovely next to the pearly green, and gunmetal colored base color of the beads. They are made in two sizes to create life in the necklace. The cat's eye beads give an extra sparkle with their strong blue color and lively cat's eye effect.

The wire work is very simple, yet brings a more classy style to the jewelry than if it was strung on beading wire.

What you need:
- 4 large polymer clay nuggets, about 21 mm
- 4 small polymer clay nuggets, about 13 mm
- 28 8 mm bead caps (I got these from
- 24 8 mm blue cat's eye beads
- 1 focal bead, bent tube shaped, about 3 cm
- 16 2,5 mm silver jumprings
- 8 3 mm silver jumprings
- Magnet clasp, round 10 mm
- Half hard silver wire 20 gauge

See how these nuggets were made

Step 1:
Cut a length of silver wire, about 7 cm. Make a twisted loop in one end, with only one coil.

Step 2:
Slide on a cat's eye bead, a bead cap with the concave side towards the bead. (That means that it curves inward, hugging the bead)Then slide on a nugget, another bead cap and a cat's eye bead. Finish off with a twisted loop with only one coil. Repeat with the rest of the nuggets.

Step 3:
Cut a length of wire about 5 cm. Make a twisted loop with one coil. Slide on a bead cap, concave side towards the loop, then a cat's eye bead and another bead cap. Finish off with a twisted loop. Repeat with all the beads.

Step 4:
Cut a length of wire about 7 cm. Make a twisted loop like above and attach it to one of the large nuggets with a 2,5 mm jumpring. Slide on a cat's eye bead and the focal bead, another cat's eye and finish off with a twisted loop. Add a large nugget with a jumpring, like on the other side.

Step 5:
Start putting the necklace together. Add a small nugget, a large nugget, and a small nugget on each side of the center piece. Then add the small cat's eye links. When done, add the three mm jumprings to the 2,5 ones between the center piece and all the nuggets, but not the cat's eye links.

Step 6:
Attach the clasp with 2,5 mm jumprings.

And that was pretty much it! Your necklace is ready for wearing.

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