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Polymer Clay Tutorials

Red and black Polymer clay bracelet About the Polymer clay tutorials:
It is not always easy to determine which category of the instructions a piece of jewelry belongs to. You clearly see that it is a bracelet, earring or ring, but sometimes different materials and techniques are used in the same piece.

The instructions on this page, are all about Polymer clay, and all the awesome ways you can use it to create beautiful beads, pendants and whatever your heart desire. You will find projects on all the techniques used in Polymer clay and deviations of these.

I have tried to sort them in categories according to the techniques used. But since this has been a bit tricky, you will find links to other pages and projects, so you can follow the whole process of making each piece of jewelry.

I hope you will enjoy them all, and be inspired to use them as a springboard to developing your own unique techniques.

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Basic instructions:

A Bulls eye cane, a Snake, a Log and a Jelly roll

Glaze beads to glass like sheen with liquid polymer clay

Skinner blend:

Elegant Retro Inspired Polymer Clay Bracelet

How to make beautiful Skinner blends

Purple and Turquoise Skinner Blend Cylinder Beads

Beads and jewelry:

Make Polymer Clay Beads With An Illusion Of Water Colored Confetti

Delightful Puff Beads - Part 1

Delightful Puff Beads - Part 2

Rough And Tough Polymer Clay Beads Part 1

Rough And Tough Polymer Clay Beads Part 2

Mica shift
Radiant Mica Shift Necklace

Funky Mica Shift Beads - Part 1

Funky Mica Shift Beads - Part 2

Swirl Beads - One Pattern, Three Techniques

Mokume Gane:

Swirl Beads - One Pattern, Three Techniques

What is Mokume gane?

Beautiful Blue and White Nuggets

Golden polymer clay beads

Lovely earth toned Mokume gane beads

Mokume Gane Beads In Copper, Black And Cream

Snake mokume gane

Lovely Mokume Gane Nuggets In Pearly Green, Gunmetal And Blue

Beautiful Pastel Mokume Gane Beads

Translucent Clay

Big and Lumpy Polymer Jewelry Ring

Dangling Amethyst Earrings

Kaleidoscop canes:

Black and White Kaleidoscope Cane

Kaleidoscope Cuff Bracelet

Ink, Paint and Powders

Swirl Beads - One Pattern, Three Techniques

Shaving Foam - Not Just For Shaving

Use A Paper Puncher To Create Lovely Inked Flower Beads

Violet Inked Polymer Clay Beads

Beautiful Pastel Mokume Gane Beads

Metal leaf and foil

Eye Catching Chines Brocade Beads


Gay And Funny Splash Beads

Persian Beads

color Full Flower Beads

Have Fun Caning With A Clay Gun

Make A Funny And Sunny Bracelet With The Simplest Of Canes

Make A Beautiful Butterfly Cane From Basic Canes

Faux Surfaces:
Make A Bangle With A Tin Can, Clay Gun And Faux Mother Of Pearl

Faux Plique-a-jour Earrings

Faux Enamel With Liquid Polymer Clay And Mica Powder

How to use your scrap clay

Make Lovely Candy Beads With Scrap Clay

Faux Plique-a-jour Earrings

Faux Enamel With Liquid Polymer Clay And Mica Powder

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