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Elegant Retro Inspired Polymer Clay Bracelet

Retro inspired polymer clay bracelet

This retro inspired polymer clay bracelet was great fun to make. The pattern on the beads remind me of a wall paper I had once, in the late 1970s.

To shape the beads, I used a bead roller Not to roll the beads, but as a mold to shape the beads. You will see how in a minute. So, are you ready to create? OK!

What you need to make this polymer clay bracelet:

  • polymer clay – Fimo: Gold, plum, white and mandarin
  • polymer clay – Cernit: Olive
  • bead roller
  • Tissue blade
  • Crafts knife
  • Liquid Polymer clay
  • mandrels or bamboo rods
  • Clay gun
  • Acrylic roller
  • One large silver bead 15 mm
  • 24 silver colored bead caps, 7 mm
  • Elastic cord
  • Needle with collapsing eye
  • Superglue
  • Pair of scissors

Step one:
Condition the clays well.

Step 2:
Roll some white clay into a log, and press it into the oval part of the bead roller. Use a tissue blade to cut away excess clay. Remove the molded clay strip and put it aside. Make two more.
Step 3:
Roll a white sheet through the pasta machine on the thickest setting. Put it flat on your work sheet and put two mandrels next to each other on the sheet. They will make the holes in your beads. Roll over them with the roller to embed the mandrels in the clay sheet. Put one of the molded strips on top of it, and cut along the edges with the tissue blade. Put it aside.
Step 4:
Make three carrot Skinner blends. a) Plum and gold b) mandarin and gold c) olive and gold
Step 5:
Roll the skinner blend sheets through the pasta machine on the thinnest setting. Put them aside.
Step 6:
Use a round shape cutter with proximately the same diameter as the clay gun. Cut out several rounds from each color, except the white.
Step 7:
Stack the shapes randomly and feed into it to the clay gun. Extrude one large , one medium and one small round snake, and one square snake. Put them aside.
Step 8:
Roll some white clay through the pasta machine on one of the thinnest setting. Use a craft cutter and cut different shapes from the tree skinner blend sheets, and apply them onto the white sheet. Leave some white space around the shapes. Put them aside.
Step 9:
Cut thin slices from the snakes you extruded from the clay gun. Apply them randomly onto the sheet. Use the acrylic roller to flatten the applications, so the surface is smooth.
Step 10:
Apply the sheet on top of the molded strip. Remove air pockets, if they appear. Press the sheet tight along the edges, and use the tissue blade to cut away excess clay. Carefully remove the mandrels. Cut the strip into beads, so that they are of equal length and width. Re-do the holes with one of the mandrels, and put the beads on a piece of paper for baking.

Repeat with the two other molded strips.
Step 11:
Glace the beads with liquid polymer clay, to make them glossy. Sand the back side smooth, and the beads are ready to be strung.
Step 12:
Use a needle with a collapsing eye to feed the elastic cord through the holes in the beads. Add one bead, two bead caps and one bead. Repeat until you have strung 7 beads. Add one metal bead.
Repeat with the second hole in the beads.
Step 13:
Tie the ends together. Add a drop of super glue. Cut the ends and pull the knots into the metal bead. And that was it. Your polymer clay bracelet is done.

If you have lots of clay left, you can make some round beads as well. Roll round beads, and apply the skinner blend shapes and slices form the snakes onto them. Roll them flat on the work surface or in you hands, pierce them with a bamboo rod and bake them. When done, glaze them with liquid polymer clay.

You can also make small scrap beads like this: Roll the scrap clay like when you want to make candy beads, but instead of cutting them into tubes, you cut slices of only 5 mm each. Close the ends, Roll them smooth, and redo the hole with a bamboo rod. Since they are so small, they need only one layer of liquid clay to be glossy. These small beads are perfect to use for charms in another polymer clay bracelet.

The elastic cord makes this polymer clay bracelet easy to put on and take of.

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