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Make A Full Persian 6-1 Pendant With Lovely Aqua Jasper Pebbles

Full Persian 6-1 is a beautiful chain mail weave, but has nothing to do with Persia at all. There are no records in history that links the full Persian weave to anywhere near Persia either. Also it was never used for armor like several of the other weaves, but is probably a modern created weave. Regardless of that, it is a lovely weave and it is not too difficult to make once you come buy the first link, which can be a challenge.

It works best with larger rings, as it is a very dense chain. The chain forms from two and two rings stacked into a rope like chain.

An AR (Aspect ratio) of 5.5 and up works best with the full Persian weave, and will give some flexibility to the chain, allowing it to curve gracefully around your neck or wrist.

In this tutorial however I have made the chains with an AR of only 5, which makes each of the three woven chains very stiff. I did this for no other reason than that I had rings only in this size, and since I was just playing around, I ended up with this pendant.
If you want to make a Full Persian necklace or bracelet you can easily find the right rings for an AR of 5.5 by using the formula in this article: Chain Mail - Useful Information To Avoid Frustration

What you need:

Step 1:
Open 2 rings and close 4 rings. Add 4 rings to the 2 open rings and push two to the right and two to the left.
Step 2:
This is the most complicated step in the full Persian weave, but do not despair. Hold the rings so that you have the mid two rings horizontal. Slide the 2 left hand sided rings between the right sided rings. I have found that it is easier if you use a piece of wire to insert where you are to insert the next two rings. This will hold the rings in the right position for you, making it easier. Once you have done this step, the rest of the weave is like a summer’s breeze.
Here you see it from another angle. The wire goes between the horizontal rings, through the back of the first right ring, thorough the front of both of the left rings, through the back of the second right ring and out between the horizontal rings. Slide a ring through the opening the wire piece makes and close it around the two right rings.
Here is the first ring in place. (notice that the weave now has the right side up)
And here is the other one in place.
Step 3:
Rotate the weave to your left. The two rings you added in step 2 are now the horizontal ones. Add one ring on each side of the V shaped ones.
Step 4:
Rotate the weave again, so that the two rings added in step three are horizontal. Add a ring like you did in step 2.
Then add the second ring. Turn the weave to the left and repeat three more times.
Step 5:
Make two more weaves, but with only 4 repetitions.
Step 6:
Put a pebble on a head pin and make a twisted loop in the other end. Do the same with the two other pebbles.
Step 7:
Attach one pebble to each of the three weaves with a jump ring.
Step 8:
Add a jump ring to the top of each of the three weaves, and then join them with two jump rings. Your pendant is now done. This pendant requires a chain or other stringing material connected to each of the outer rings for it to hang right.

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