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Persian Beads

These beads remind me of a Persian rug, hence the name Persian beads. They are made from a very simple cane, created with smaller snakes extruded from a clay gun.

What you need:

  • Fimo soft white, black, Christmas red, cognac
  • Fimo Effect gold
  • Bamboo rods
  • Shape cutter
  • Tissue blade
  • Liquid polymer clay
  • clay gun

Step 1:
Condition the clay. Mix one part cognac with three parts white to make the light brown.
Mix one part red with one part gold to mix the red color.

Step 2:
Roll the white clay into a log and feed it into the clay gun. Use a large round disk and extrude a long snake. Do the same with the rest of the colors, going from light to dark so that you do not contaminate the lighter colors.
Step 3:
Cut the snakes into 1 cm long pieces. Start putting them together to create the spiral pattern. Make the last three rounds of snakes a bit thinner, to end the pattern softly.
Step 4:
Reduce the cane until it is about finger thick or proximately 1,5 cm in diameter. Put it aside.
Step 5:
Roll a black log about the same thickness as the cane. Mark every 1,5 cm, and cut it into pieces. Shape the pieces into square cubes. Shape the cane into a square shape as well.
Step 6:
Cut thin slices from the cane and apply on all 6 sides of the black cube. Pinch the seams and then roll it smooth on the surface.
Step 7:
Roll the beads between your palms until they are slightly oval shaped. Stick them onto a bamboo rod and clean them with a baby wipe to remove contamination from the red and black clay, and to remove fingerprints. Bake for 30 minutes.
Step 8:
When the beads are cold, glaze them with liquid polymer clay, or finish them the way you prefer.

And that was it, your Persian beads are done.

I had a lot of scrap clay from this project, see what I used it for in this tutorial: Make Lovely Candy Beads From Scrap Clay

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