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Use Links To Create An Elegant Charm Bracelet And Earrings

This charm bracelet is made by connecting several jewelry links and then add charms. It is easy to make and looks kind of elegant and sophisticated. How many links you use, depends on the links you have and on how long you want the link chain to be. There are many very nice links to buy, so you can use the same approach to make several charm bracelets, but make them individual by using different links and different beads or charms.

Jewelry links also makes it easy to make some lovely earrings. All you have to do is to add some beads, an ear wire and you have a pair of elegant earrings. Do you want to give it a try? OK, let’s start.

What you need to make the charm bracelet and earrings:

  • 5-8 links. I have used 17x11 mm silver plated brass links with one loop in one end and three on the other
  • 10-16 4 mm Swarowski bicones, olivivine AB
  • 10-16 5 mm potato shaped freshwater pearls, Pistachio
  • 30-48 6 mm flower shaped, silver plated bead caps
  • 30-48 3 mm round silver beads
  • Sterling silver or silver colored jewelry wire, 22 gauges, half hard.
  • Sterling silver half round jewelry wire, 18 gauges, dead soft.
  • Jump rings
  • Ear wires

Step 1:
Start joining the links with jump rings.
Step 2:
Cut a piece of wire proximately 4 cm. Make a loop in one end. Add one pearl, one bead cap with the curved side towards the pearl, and one silver bead. Make a wrapped loop on top and cut of excess wire. Make two charms for each of the links.
Step 3:
Cut a piece of wire proximately 5 cm. Make a loop in one end. Add one bead cap with the curved side upwards. Add a crystal bicone and then another bead cap, this time with the curved side downwards. Add one silver bead and finish off with a silver bead. Make two charms for each of the links.
Step 4:
Add one pearl charm and one crystal charm to each of the two loops left on each link, with jump rings.
Step 5:
The clasp is a variation of a hook and eye clasp. Although you use soft jewelry wire to make it, it is a very safe clasp that holds its shape well. Start by cutting a proximately 10 cm length of the half round wire. Measure 4 cm from the end and bend the wire over so that it is double, with the flat sides against each other.
Step 6:
Use a pair of round nose pliers to curl the wire up from the other end until you reach the double wire.
Step 7:
Bend the double wire towards the curled end, until it almost touches. You may have to adjust the gap so that it fit the ring you use as the eye of the clasp. Attach the clasp and your charm bracelet is done.

You can see variations of the Hook and eye clasp in these tutorials:

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The earrings are very easy to make. You need one link for each earring. Make two pearl charms and four crystal charms. Attach one pear charm and two crystal charms to each link with jump rings. Attach the ear wire, and they are done.

Here is another version of the bracelet and earrings:

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