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Funky Mica Shift Beads - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the funky mica shift beads. We will now continue and will be making the last three beads of the project we started in part 1.

Ink-splash bead:

Step 1:
Run some black sheet through on the thickest setting of the pasta machine. Use the crafts knife and cut out a free form shape. Smooth the sides, so they are soft and curved.
Step 2:
Cut out shapes, both free form and with shape cutters, and embellish the black sheet. Make a hole near the top. Since this is a free form bead, you have to take gravity into consideration when you make the hole. Try to figure out how it will behave hanging on a necklace.
Put it on the paper for curing.

Skinner blend bead:

Step 1:
Make an oval cabochon shape with black clay.
Step 2:
Cover it with the Skinner blend sheet. Press the sheet firmly around the cabochon, and trim the edge with the soft tissue blade. Run some black clay through the thinnest setting, apply the bead, and cut around the edge.
Step 3:
Decorate it the way you did with the first bead, with black discs. Use copper when you cut out the small ones. Add one larger copper disc with a small lime disc on, randomly somewhere on top of the bead. Make a hole horizontally near the top of the bead, and put it away for curing.

Little green mica shift bead:

Step 1:
Make a small round cabochon. Let it be quite high though, for effect.
Step 2:
Apply the green sheet on top of it, and do like with the other beads, to make it fit tightly around the cab. Embellish it with small discs in copper and lime. Make a hole at the top and put it with the other beads for curing.

I have chosen not to give these beads any surface finish, but have left them as they are.

They have a nice satiny sheen, due to the mica particles in the clay. Simply rub your fingers over the metallic parts for a few minutes, and they get a bright, beautiful sheen.

Well, that was it, your funky mica shift beads are now ready to be strung.

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