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Dangling Amethyst Earrings

Dangling Amethyst Earrings

I simply love dangling earrings. I also find Amethyst to be such a beautiful gemstone with its deep, rich purple color. I had these Amethyst drops and wanted to make something with them. I also had some plum colored translucent clay left over from another project, so I decided to make a pair of earring, using the Amethyst drops and some lazer lace drops.

What you need:

  • Fimo Soft Polymer Clay : Plum and black
  • Fimo Effect : Translucent
  • A “left over cane” with translucent clay
  • Round shape cutters
  • Two Lazer lace drops
  • 10 Amethyst drops
  • Silver chain
  • Liquid Polymer clay
  • Heat gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain-nose pliers rings
  • 10 Oval and 2 round jump rings, 2,5 mm

mixing clay

Step 1:
Condition the plum colored clay, or mix a new one with translucent clay and a small lump of plum colored clay. Then condition the black clay. Do the black one last, that way you will not contaminate the lighter clay. You do not need much of each color, only enough to cut out two round shapes a bit bigger than the lazer lace drops.

Step 2:
Run the clay through a medium setting on your pasta machine and cut out two round circles with a shape cutter. The circles must be a bit bigger than the lazer lace drops. Do the same with the black clay.

Use the left over cane from a previous project, if you have one, if not make one as described here. Reduce the cane to a size slightly bigger than the hole in the lazer lace drops, and cut two thick slices.

Step 3:
Put the cane slices on top of the black clay, proximately in the middle.

Step 4:
Add the lazer lace drops and press them down so that the cane slices protrudes from the holes in the middle. Use a crafts knife to cut away the black clay around the lazer lace drop.

Step 5:
Put the piece on top of the plum colored clay circle, and they are ready to be cured. Bake them for about 30 minutes. When cold, sand the edge if it isn't smooth.

Add a drop of liquid polymer clay on the dark purple dot in the middle of the earrings and heat it with a heat gun until clear. Add another drop and heat again. Let them cool off. The glazed dots will resemble the color of the Amethyst drops.

Step 6:
Cut a piece of thin silver colored wire, about 6 cm long. The holes in some gemstones are very narrow, that's why the wire has to be very thin, and it is preferable that it is dead soft. Slide on one of the Amethyst drops, and bend the wire up and make a loop, but do not close it.

Cut a piece of silver chain, about 3 cm. Tread it on the wire and close the loop. Fasten the chain to the earring with an oval jump ring. Do the same for the remaining 9 holes in the lazer lace drops.

Step 7:
With a round jump ring, add the ear wires, and your earrings are ready to be worn.

If you don't have ear wires, you can easily make your own. See how in this tutorial:
Make Your Own Ear Wires

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