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Square Stitch.
The Most Hard-Wearing Beading Technique Of All

About Square stitch:
If you like the look of loom work, but cannot afford to buy a loom, you should try Square stitch. It looks just like loom work, but saves you from the job of weaving in all the ends. You can use loom patterns both in the flat stitch and the tubular stitch.

This easy to do stitch is said to be the most durable of the beading stitches, as you go through each bead up to 4 times. You can vary the size and texture by using different kind of beads. Although it mostly is used with seed beads, you can use whatever beads you like, as long as the holes are big enough to pass through several times.

Since each bead is passed through so many times, this method only require a single thread. When it comes to tension, it is easy to maintain with this stitch. The first row may be a bit loose in the beginning, but once you have completed it, the tension is easy to keep through the rest of the bead work.

What you need:
- Beading needle size 12
- FireLine, 3LB test
- Seed beads size 6
- Thread conditioner (optional)

The size of the seed bead doesn't matter, but it is easier for you to start with larger seed beads, than with small ones. That is why I am using size 6 in this tutorial.

Are you ready to begin? OK, here we go!

Square stitch:

Thread your needle with about 1,5 meter Fireline. Condition the thread well.

Step 1:
Add a stop bead, and thread on additional 11 beads.

Step 2:
Pick up a bead and pass your needle through the last bead in the first row.

Step 3:
Turn your needle and pass it back through the last bead you added.

Step 4:
Pick up a new bead and pass the needle back through the second from last bead on the first row.

Step 5:
Turn the needle and go back through the last bead you added.

Continue repeating step 2-5 until you have completed the row. Then to straighten the rows, pass your needle through all the beads in the first row, turn and go through the last row, and you are ready to begin a new row.

Increase on the outside edge:
Thread on two beads. This will be the increasing bead and the first bead of the next row.

Step 2:
Pass back through the increase bead.

Step 3:
Pass through the first bead of the new row, and continue the usual way.

Increase within the row:
Simply add two beads instead of one where you want to increase within the row. Weave the next row as usual.

Decrease on the outside edge:
Work the Square stitch as usual, but do not go through the last bead.

Step 2:
Add a bead and continue back the last row, as usual.

Decrease within a row:
Just skip adding a bead where you want to decrease. Then continue as usual.

Well done! you have now made your first Square stitches.

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