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How You Can Make Perfect Wire Loops

Wire loops are used a lot in jewelry making, but do you know how to make one? This tutorial will show you how to make a perfect loop and a twisted loop. Take a look, it is so easy do!

To make the loops you need this:

- Chain-nose pliers
- Round-nose pliers
- Jewelry wire

Making a loop:

Beginning the wire loop Step 1:
Bend the wire with at pair of chain-nose pliers, close to the bead, and about 1 cm from the tip of the wire.

Bending the wire to form the wire loop Step 2:
Grip the end of the wire with a pair of round-nose pliers.

Making a wire loop Step 4:
Hold the end of the wire with the round-nose pliers, and begin to curve the end into a loop, by turning the pliers. Release the pliers, and reposition it closer to the midt of the loop, and continue to turn until the loop is closed.

The finnished wire loop And there you go, a perfect round loop. Easy, wasn't it?

Lets move on to:

Making a twisted loop:

Step 1:
Cut a piece of wire, about 7 cm. Use the Chain-nose pliers to make a 90 degree angle, about 3 cm from the end.

Beginning the twisted wire loop

Step 2:
Swap the Chain-nose pliers for a pair of round-nose pliers, and position them in the bend of the wire.

Making the first side of the wire loop

Step 3:
Bend the wire over the top of the upper jaw of the round-nose pliers, and downwards.

Wire loop

Step 4:
Remove the round-nose pliers and turn them around. Position the lower jaw into the loop and bend the wire around it, so that you have a loop.

Making the second side of the twisted wire loop

Beginning the twisting of the wire loop

Step 5:
Use the chain-nose pliers to hold the loop.

The finnished twisted wire loop

Step 6:
While holding it, twist the end of the loop around the wire in 3-4 coils. Use a flush cutter to cut of the rest of the wire.

And, that's it, you have made a perfect twisted loop.

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