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Beautiful Riverstone Necklace And Earrings

Riverstone necklace

This Riverstone necklace is very comfortable to wear. The warm and heavy feeling of gemstones makes this one of my favorite necklaces. The different sizes of the beads gives it a natural curve, and drapes it beautifully around the neck. And the best of is very easy to make.

The stitch used is Right angle weave, two needle variation. Actually you don't really use needles when you make the base row. The fish line is stiff enough to pass through the beads without needles.

What you need to make this Riverstone Necklace:

  • 10 x 7 mm Magnesite roundels, dyed turquoise colored
  • 6 mm round Riverstones
  • 15 x 12 mm Black glass drop beads, top drilled
  • #11 Dynamite seed beads, Ceylon pastel mint
  • Fish line 0,40 mm, 22 LB
  • #12 Beading needles
  • Fireline
  • Toggle clasp, antique gold

  • The Necklace:

    Step one:
    Step one: Cut a very long length of fish line. It must be the length of the necklace times 2. Add one Rivestone and slide it to the middle of the fish line. On the right side, add one seed bead, one Riverstone and one seed bead. On the left side, add one seed bead, one Magnesite and one seed bead. Take one Riverstone and thread both the right line and the left line through it in opposite directions, like you can see on the drawing.
    Continue repeating this pattern until you reach the desired length of the Riverstone necklace, proximately 42 cm. Make a knot on each of the lines, and cut them close to the knots.
    Step two:
    Step two: Cut a length of Fireline proximately 1,5 the length of the necklace. With a surgeons knot, tie it onto the fish line at the beginning of the necklace, next to the first Magnesite. You will now use Fireline and a needle for the rest of the necklace.
    Go through the first Magnesite and make a half-hitch knot. Add 5 seed beads, one glass drop and five seed beads. Go through the next Magnesite. Add 5 seed beads, one glass drop, 5 seed beads and go through the next Magnesite. Continue until you come to the end of the necklace. Tie the Fireline onto the fish line with a couple of half-hitch knots, and cut it.
    Step three:
    Cut another length of Fireline and tie it onto the fish line, next to the last Riverstone. Add 5 seed beads, one of the toggle clasp parts, add another 5 seed beads and go through the last Riverstone. Go back up the first 5 seed beads, the clasp and the next 5 seed beads. Repeat one more time and tie the Fireline to the fish line and cut it. Repeat on the other side of the necklace, with the other part of the toggle clasp. Your Riverstone necklace is now ready.


    Use a length of Fire line. String 5 seed beads, a glass drop and 5 seed beads. Add a Magnesite, and lead both ends of the Fireline through it. Make a surgeons knot on top of the Magnesite, but do not cut any of the lines. Add two Riverstones on the side with the needle. Add one seed bead and pass the thread around the loop of the ear wire a couple of times. Go back through the seed bead and the two Riverstones and tie it with the other end of thread, with a surgeons knot. Cut the thread without the needle, pass the needle back up one Riverstone, and cut the thread. Repeat with the other earring, and you are done.

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