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When making jewelry you sometimes bump into obstacles and get stuck. That can be very frustrating, and either you give up and make something else, or you search for a solution.

The feeling when you manage to solve the problem is so great, but what if you don't find a solution? That is where this page comes to rescue. Here you can submit your question and have others give you the answer.

You can add up to 4 photos if you like. The maximum size that can be uploaded is 800 x 600 pixels. If your photos are larger than that you will have to reduce them in size before you can upload them here. You can do that in your own graphic software like Paint, or you can use a web based program like It is free and easy to use. If you bump into any difficulties send me a note from my -contact me- page, and I will try to help you through it.

Make sure you read the submission guidelines before you add your content.

Thank you for your question!

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    Do you have a question?

    Do you have a question about jewelry making?
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