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Use Helm Chain To Make A Trojan Chain Mail Necklace

Helm chain is one of my favorite chain mail weaves. It is not only beautiful, but is easy to make as well. You can make it with one row, like in this tutorial or as sheets where you link several rows together. You can alter it slightly by using different sized rings or different colored rings.

There is only one important thing to remember about this chain mail weave, and that is that the smallest rings must fit comfortably inside the larger ones. If they do, you do not have to pay much attention on the Aspect ratio of the rings, but can combine sizes, metals and colors as you please.

Helm chain is sometimes called Parallel chain, so you may sometimes bump into that name instead of Helm chain. But the weave is the same and, as I mentioned above: easy to do. So are you ready to start? OK! Here we go:

What you need:

  • Champaign colored anodized aluminum rings, 18 gauge, 6,35 mm inner diameter (ID)
  • Black colored anodized aluminum rings, 20 gauge, 3,9 mm ID.
  • Two chain nose pliers
  • Bronze colored cube beads
  • Galvanized Pink Rose Delica see beads #11
  • One clasp copper or bronze colored

Step 1:
Close four of the large rings and open two black. Add the four large rings to the two black ones and arrange them like you see in the photo.
Step 2:
Open one large ring and put it around the black rings. (Not through them)
Step 3:
Fold the large rings so that they lie horizontally embracing the last ring you added, like this. (Like a sandwich)
Step 4:
Open two small rings and put them through the two large rings to the right and close them.
Step 5:
Open one large ring and slide it between the two large rings you added the small rings through in step 5. Close it around the small rings.
Step 6:
Open one large ring and slide it horizontally through the two small rings so that it lies on top of the one you added in step 5. Turn the chain over and do the same from the other side. You can now clearly see the “sandwich pattern” of the large rings. Repeat step 1-6 until you have reached the desired length of the necklace.
Step 7:
Open one large ring and add a cube bead. Close the ring. Open one small ring and add 4 #11 seed beads and the large ring. Attach it to the helm chain on one of the “sandwiched” rings (S). Repeat with all of the S’s along the chain.

Add the clasp, and your chain mail necklace is done.

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