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The Polymer Clay Bead Store

Welcome to the Bead store.
Making Polymer clay beads are one of my most favorite things to do, so all these beads are made by me.
Because they are hand made they may vary slightly in shape and size, and also in pattern. They have the same materials and colors, but the pattern is made individually on most of the beads.

If you want larger photos, simply just click on the photo.

I hope you like them and want to use them as one of a kind elements in your jewelry.

If you like them and find that you can use them in a project, I would love to see what you have created. You can add a photo of your work here: Visitors Gallery

Polymer Clay Beads

Water Color
6 stk. Size: proximately 20 mm
Price: 16 USD

Pink Splash
8 stk. Size: proximately 20 mm
Price:24 USD

Glittering Pink
8 stk. Size: proximately 20 mm
Price: 18 USD

Pink Flat Splash
4 stk. Size: proximately 25x10 mm
Price: 16 USD
silver Blues
5 stk. Size: proximately 17 mm
Price: 11 USD

glitter Swirls
1 stk. Size: proximately 31x23 mm
Price: 8 USD
Large Glittering Pink
1 stk. Size: proximately 25 mm
Price: 7 USD
5 stk. Size: proximately 17-19 mm
Price: 11 USD

11 stk. Size: proximately 24 mm
Price: 33 USD

Bead Mix
50 grams. Size:Different sizes
Price: 10 USD

1 bead. Size:30x28 mm
Price: 9 USD

1 bead. Size:small:15-16 mm
Large: 23x25 mm
Price: 11 USD

Blue Brocade
1 bead. Size:31x32 mm
Price: 6 USD

Scruffy Red
4 beads. Size:20 mm
Price: 11 USD

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