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Blue And Green Elegance

polymer clay and glass bracelet

pmc and glass bracelet2

The polymer clay beads in this bracelet are about 15 mm x 17 mm, but the size may vary slightly since they are hand made.

The pattern on the beads are made from several canes with translucent clay. The green is made by putting a metal composition leaf onto a sheet of green translucent clay, and rolling it into a log. Very thin slices are cut of in a 45 degree angle and applied onto a white bead core.Thin slices from a striped translucent pink and pearl cane are applied on top of the green, and canes in various thicknesses of translucent, white and blue are applied last.

The beads are then glazed by a special technique using liquid polymer clay.

The blue glass beads are lampwork beads with a foil core, and decorated sparingly with pink flowers, melted into the surface. They are about 12 mm.

pmc and glass bracelet3 Each bead is strung on a silver jewelry wire with antique silver pewter spacers. The beads are connected by double, silver jump rings.Tiny charms of Czech cathedral beads, silver jewelry wire and silver beads hang from each of the jump ring pair.

The clasp is a silver plated magnetic clasp with rhinestones.

Lenght: 21,5 cm.

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