Poured glass beads. How are they made?

by Lisa

I was very interested in your article about glass beads, but I would like some information on poured glass beads. I have looked everywhere on the internet but can't find anything. Mostly it crops up with regards to vintage glass jewellery, especially Miriam Haskell pieces, and in relation to Gripoix and Chanel.

I sort of understand how they make cabochons but not the spherical, tear drop shaped beads in glossy colours with a smooth texture.

Often such poured glass pieces, especially Gripoix, are wrapped in wire to which the glass, often of a free form shape, actually seems to adhere and I can't find any information on how this is done either. Unless pieces appear in expensive costume jewellery, nobody seems to sell such beads.

Can you offer any information or suggest where to look?

Thank you,


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Poured glass beads. How are they made?

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Nov 01, 2010
About poured glass beads
by: Anne Cecilie

Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for your question about poured glass beads. I have searched the net, and as you say, there is no information about how these beads are made. Like you say, the bezels are understandable, but not the drops. I found one small sentence atwww.trocadero.com/geo/items/982795/item982795store.html.In the description of the jewelry, they reffer to how glass is poured over a wire, and because of later temperatur changes, the drops have cracked because of the different temperature in the glass and the wire.Not much information I am affraid.

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