Photos of Polymer clay mosaic

by Anne Cecilie

Here are some photos of how you can use polymer clay as mosaic tiles. The table top is polymer clay tiles glued onto a wooden base. The grout is a paper mache called Silkies.

I chose to use Silkies instead of fine grout for several reasons. First because I had to move the table top up to the mountains to our cabin there, and therefore wanted it to be as light weight as possilbe. Second because the table would be covered with glass, and third because it was very easy to work with, and to remove the grout that got stuck in the patterns of the tiles.

I made most tiles square, and cut them into pieces with a pair of scissors. Some I glazed with liquid polymer clay. I found that they became nicer if you cut the clay into pieces after curing, and then glazed each piece, instead of glazing first and then cut.

I am very pleased with my table, althoug next time I will chose a pattern that can be seen equal from all sides.

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