Centering Bead Holes

by Beth Loughridge
(Griffin, GA USA)

I have a difficult time getting my holes centered in spherical (ball) shaped beads resulting in "wompie-goggled" (lopsided) beads. Does anyone have any tricks to help me lead a more centered life? ;-)

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Centering Bead Holes

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Feb 15, 2012
Centering Technique
by: Martha

I'm doing better than I thought, since I also couldn't find the "other side" when poking holes. I could see the top, but not the bottom. So now I start the beading pin on one side, then set the bead down on my table and push and twist through to the other side, since I can now see how straight the pin is when it's vertical. For some reason, I had difficulty judging horizontal levels, but I do much better at verticals.

Nov 09, 2011
Centering Bead Holes
by: Mary

Unfortunately, centering bead holes is not an exact science. I'll testify to that, but here are same tips I found online:

This article will provide you with 10 easy tips for polymer clay bead piercing´┐Ż
1) Coat bead pins with water or cornstarch before insertion.

2) Twist bead pin as you are push it into the bead.

3) Push bead pin into clay lightly to avoid distortion.

4) Sand your bead pins every once in awhile between uses, to remove rust and drips of finish from the pin. A smooth pin goes into the bead a lot easier than a rough pin.

5) Wear gloves or coat fingers with cornstarch to avoid putting finger prints on bead while piercing. This is especially important when holding awkward shapes like the bi-cone bead and lentil beads.

6) Let beads cool down or rest before piercing them. A warm bead will distort easily.

7) Pierce a bead relatively soon after letting it rest. If you wait too long like a day or two, then the bead may crack when you try and pierce it.

8) Wipe down bead pins with rubbing alcohol to make sure they are really clean.

9) If you use a bamboo skewer for a bead pin make sure to coat with cornstarch to avoid having the bead stick to the skewer.

10) For large hole beads like tube beads, or beads for hemp jewelry, etc. try using a knitting needle.

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