Bling out polymer clay question

by Rachel

If I go to make, say a pendant, and want some glitter or a gemstone or some 'sparkle' in the middle of the polymer clay pendant. Can I put the glitter/gemstone/whatever in the middle of it and then cure (bake) the polymer? Or do I have to wait until its cooled and glue it in. what kind of glue do I use?? Thanks

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Bling out polymer clay question

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Mar 20, 2011
Glitter and gemstones on polymer clay
by: Anne Cecilie

Hi Rachel,
Thank you for posting this question.
You can add glitter, paint, foil, metal leaf, ink and lots of other things to polymer clay before curing. They will stick to the clay when cured. You may have to varnish it after curing though, to protect it from wearing off by use. You can read more about this if you take a look at these pages:

-The difference between metal leaf and foil and how to use them.
-Pain, ink and wax. Can they be used with polymer clay?
-Mica powders and other inclusions you can use with polymer clay.

You will find links to them at the bottom of the page about Polymer clay basics, where you posted your question.

When it comes to gemstones, or other objects, you can apply them to the clay before curing, but it will not stick to the clay for long, so you must glue them on after curing as well. Add it to raw clay though, as that will give you an indentation that fits the gemstone or object, and make it easier for you to glue it on after curing.

You can use all sorts of crafts glue, or simply use super glue.

I hope this answers your question, if not let me know.

Good luck, and all the best!

Anne Cecilie

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