Baking Sculpey gloss glaze

by Michelle Mead

I am very new to polymer clay and making jewellery. I am fine up to tansfering water slides. My question is : when applying the gloss glaze before the transfer then baking, would this leave brown marks.
I am making pendants with white glitter polymer clay.
I then applied sculpey gloss glaze to give a smooth finish.
Then I apply the waterslide transfer.
Then the liquid sculpey and bake.
This is the first time I have applied the gloss glaze before baking.

Please help
thank you
Michelle Mead

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Baking Sculpey gloss glaze

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Jul 05, 2011
Baking glaze
by: Anonymous

I have been using glaze for a while and I know for a fact that your are not supposed to bake it. After you bake your clay, that is the time to put it on. It even says to put on after baking on the glass.

Jun 30, 2011
Thank you from Michelle Mead
by: Michelle Anne

Hi Anne,
thank you so much for your reply. In future I will not put on the glaze before baking.
Ver kind regards

Jun 30, 2011
water transfers and Sculpey glossy glaze
by: Anne Cecilie

Hi Michelle,
I must admit that I am new to adding glaze to the clay before you add the water slide transfer. Are you sure you have to do that? You should be able to apply the water slide onto the clay without anything under it, and then add liquid clay to make it glossy either before or after curing. If you burnish the transfer carefully onto the clay so that you remove air pockets and have it stick evenly, the glaze should not be necessary.

Please forgive me if I am wrong, if this is a technique I don?t know about. If that is the case I should think that as long as you cure the clay according to what the curing temperature for the glaze is, it should not turn brown or discolored. Since the glaze you use is Sculpey gloss glaze, it should have the same curing temperature as liquid sculpey and sculpey clay. If not, cure it on the lowest temperature and cure it a bit longer than recommended.

I hope this is of any help to you. I wish you good luck and all the best.
Anne Cecilie

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