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by carol

I like how you did the hoop clasps, but how can I do it without the pegs(I dont have it). Thanks

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Feb 10, 2011
How to make these clasps without a wig-jig
by: Anne Cecilie

Hi Carol
You do not need a wire jig to make these clasps. They are very easy to make without one as well.

You can use a pair of round nose pliers to make the small loops, and a mandrel, a pen, pencil or anything really, to make the large curves. Do like this:

Cut a length of wire, proximately 10 cm. It is easier to work with a long wire, than one that is exact the length, so be a bit generous.

1.Use the round nose pliers to make a loop in one end.

2. Holding on to the loop, (you can hold it flat against the mandrel, and just turn it when you are done.) Bend the wire round the mandrel.

3.To make the second large loop, put the mandrel on the other side of the wire and bend the wire around it again. You now have the shape of an S

4.Use the round nose pliers to make the second loop, but make it a bit larger than the first one. Cut of excess wire, and you are done.

You can also make the clasps with lots of angles and straight lines, instead of smooth, round curves, like this:

1.Use a pair of chain nose pliers instead of round nose pliers. These are flat, and make it easy to make the edges. Cut the same length of wire as mentioned previously.

2.Make the first small edgy loop, by bending the wire with the pliers. It is supposed to be straight lines and angles, not curvy.

3.Do the same with the two large loops. You just bend the wire with the pliers until you like the size of the loop.

4.Bend the second large loop the other way, shaping the angular S-shape.

5.Then make the last small one.

Remember to make the curves as edgy as you can. There is no right or wrong here, just shape it exactly the way you like.

You can see how to make the clasp with just one large curve in this tutorial:
Dangling Necklace With Flower Beads And Silver

I hope this all made sense to you, if not let me know, and I will try to make some photos for you.

All the best!
Anne Cecilie

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