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Beautiful Flower Earrings In Green And Peach

Beautiful wire work and glass flower earrings

These beautiful flower earrings are made by adding beads, and hold them in place with very thin wire. Varying the length of the twisted wire from the -stem- to the bead, gives the impression of flowers on a stem of silver. Since the wire is so flexible you can create vines of beads quite easily.

What you need:

  • 4 glass leafs 12 x 9 mm, 2 peach AB and 2 green AB (AB= aurora borealis)
  • Seedbeads #6, Rainbow transparent creamsoda (Dynamites)
  • 18 green glass flowers, 7 mm
  • Silver colored copper wire 0,4 mm
  • 2 ear wires
  • Wire cutters
  • round nose pliers

Step 1:
Cut a 20 cm length of the 0,4 mm wire. Add a green glass leaf and slide it to the middle of the wire. Bend the wire in two and twist the wire to fasten the bead. Keep on twisting until you have 1 cm of twisted wire from the bead.

Step 2:
Slide on a flower bead and a #6 seed bead on one of the two wire ends. Go back through the flower, but not the seed bead and pull until the seed bead rests snugly inside the flower. Twist the wire to ca 0,5 cm.

Step 3:
Add another two flowers and a seed beads and twist like in step 2, but with slightly different length on the twisted wire. You do not have to use the same side of the double wire the whole time. Use them both, but one at the time.

Step 4:
Add a seed bead. Slide it until you are 2 cm from the flowers. Bend the wire and twist it to fasten the bead. Bend the bead down towards the leaf. Repeat with one more bead. Do the same with another 3 seed beads, but with different lengths on the twisted wire.

Step 5:
Add three more flowers, like in step 1, and then a peach glass leaf. Make a twisted loop on top, and fasten the ear wires. And that's it, your flower earrings are done.

If you don't have ear wires, you can easily make your own. See how in this tutorial:
Make Your Own Ear Wires

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