did this but

Hi I have tried this before I read this, but I have a problem with black marks being left on my clay when I roll my clay through, and I haven't used black clay. Any suggestion would be grate please.
Jude M

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did this but

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Jun 01, 2011
Black marks are from the metal roller
by: terry

The clay can interact with the rollers on some pasta machines, leaving black streaks. I don't know how to overcome this problem.

May 01, 2011
Black Marks on Light Clay
by: Janette

With regard to black streaks in your clay from the pasta machine, I have read that the plasticisers in the clay react to the metal on the rollers and cause black, oily marks. I believe it happens when the machine isn't being used for a while. It's just one of those things, so you have to wipe it or run some scrap clay through when you start your clay session, or when you are going to use some light coloured clay.

Apr 19, 2011
Cleaning your pasta machine
by: Anne Cecilie

Hi Jude,
Thank you for posting this question.
Over time I have found that the baby wipes you use to clean the pastamachine have to be quite wet in order to loosen the clay. If they are too dry, it doesn't work that well.

Additionally wrap the baby wipe around the tip of a bamboo rod and carefully scratch the back side of the plates on the right side(the right side when the pasta machine is standing on the side where you deside the thickness of the sheets, the handle points upwards and you have the under side towards you). That will loosen more clay. Just be careful so that you don't bend the plates by forsing the bamboo rod underneath it.

When that is done, turn the handle against the clock and wipe the clay that then gather along the plate on the left side. That way you don't smudge the clay along the inside of the plates, but on the left side where you can wipe it off.

You have to repeat the whole procedure several times to remove all the clay. However, there may still be some clay residue left that you haven't been able to remove.
One solution is to run a piece of light scrap clay through the machine when you are going to use it again the next time. The residue will then make stains on the scrap clay and not the clay you want to use for your project.
The reason it looks black, is probably because the clay left on the plates mix and creates a muddy color.

I hope this will help you, and that I have managed to explain it well enough. If not, let me know, and I will try to add some more photos for you.
Good luck, and all the best!

Anne Cecilie

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