adding beads to clay before baking?

by tina
(Santa Clarita,CA)

what is the best way to add seed beads to clay as a decorative componant before baking jewelry piece/

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adding beads to clay before baking?

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Mar 01, 2012
Bonding elements
by: Tina

Thanks for the useful tip and I did use a sculpey bake and bond to my pieces before baking, Question is do I still have to use additional glue after baking? Thanks for all the great infomation you provide.I know the answer is right under my nose but the conversation is always good. Thanks again.Bye.

Jan 29, 2012
Beads added to clay
by: Tina from Santa Clarita, CA

Thanks for the information. I've beem experminating with sucess. Thanks again for the helpful tip.

Jan 27, 2012
when to add bead to polymer clay pieces
by: Anonymous

Hi Tina!
You can add beads to your polymer clay pieces both before and after curing, depending on what effect you want to achieve.

I think however that the best is to add it to raw clay,as you then get small indentations from the beads, so they dont't stick out so much from the surface.
You must unfortunately glue all the bead after curing, or they will fall off. Polymer clay does not bond with other materials, so unless you glue them on, they will fall off eventually.

If you put the beads on a string, the gluing operation will be easier for you. Also if you will have some beads here and some there, you can embedd the string between the bead parts and cover it with clay and smooth the surface. In that case the beads are less likely to fall off, and you may not have to glue them onto the piece.

I hope this was of some use to you. I wish you all the best!

Anne Cecilie

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